Frequently asked questions

We have brought together the most frequently asked questions about Citizens’ Budget Maastricht in a handy overview. We hope that we’ve answered your questions on this page. If your question is not there, feel free to contact us.

  • Because of the increasing number of coronary infections and hospital admissions, stricter measures have been in place since last Saturday. There have also been calls to reduce the number of contact moments to prevent the pressure in hospitals from increasing further.

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  • Everyone can and may participate in the citizen's budget regardless of your age.

  • Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to submit projects. This will not be possible until the third round. In order to give all ideas a chance, themes must first be chosen.

  • Events are organized on different dates, where you will have plenty of opportunity to participate and decide. The sooner you join in, the more influence you have.

  • Projects receiving the most votes will be implemented. During a festive final event, residents choose which projects will be carried out.

  • Of course you can! But if you join in later, certain choices may already have been made.

  • The Municipality of Maastricht organises the citizens’ budget with the help of the Province of Limburg. We believe that residents know what the problems are in the city and together will come up with good ideas. We want to inspire you. What would you do with 300,000 euros?

  • The citizens’ budget allows you to make your own choices and take your own decisions. The municipality does, however, assess submitted projects. Do they comply with the law? Are they covered by the powers of the municipality? And aren't they completely at odds with developments that have already been set in motion? Together with other residents of the city, you will discuss the good ideas. You and your co-residents jointly decide what you think should happen.

  • No. It's possible, but you don't have to. Of course it’s nice if you carry out your idea together with other local residents, but the municipality or a business can also carry out the project or idea.

  • Entrepreneurs are very welcome to take part in the events. Citizens’ Budget Maastricht is for and by residents of Maastricht. This means that ideas and initiatives must benefit the City of Maastricht. People from outside the city (or entrepreneurs who do not live in the city) are also welcome to help come up with ideas and projects that benefit residents.

  • It is true that the municipality has had to make significant cuts in recent years. Among other things because of shortages in youth care and in the provision of social support. 

    The plan to start with a citizen's budget is something from before the cuts. In 2019, the City Council visited the district of Antwerp to see how such a citizen's budget works and what it brings residents. In addition, with the citizen budget, it is not really relevant how much money is available within the overall municipality (budget). More important is that the power to determine what happens to public money shifts to you: the inhabitants. In several rounds you will determine which themes and (subsequently) concrete projects and ideas the money will be spent on. 

    In 2020 and the first half of 2021 corona was unfortunately the game breaker and the events had to be postponed, but fortunately Citizens' Budget Maastricht can start now.