The game rules

A number of rules apply to Burgerbegroting Maastricht, so you can be clear about what to expect and what is asked of you. Some of these rules are shown on this page, or you can find a complete list in the general regulations. If you have any questions, please feel free to  contact us! 

  • A project proposal can be submitted by a private individual or a legal entity (an organisation such as an association or foundation). In both cases, we call these submitters ‘the initiators’. It doesn't matter how old you are or where you live, as long as you have a good idea that will benefit Maastricht residents and reflects one of the themes we’ve defined.

  • Project proposals for the 3rd edition – Burgerbegroting Maastricht 2024 – can be submitted from 19 August to 15 September 2024.

  • We expect an initiator to elaborate an idea into a project proposal and to implement the project personally. Sometimes, it can be decided that the municipality or a third party carries out the project, but this is only in exceptional cases and always subject to consultation.

  • Initiators can send their project proposal for 2024 via a form in the new digital subsidieloket (subsidy desk) of the Municipality of Maastricht. There will be a link to the project form on the 'Submit a project plan' page as of 19 August 2024. You have to first log in with DigiD. If you have any questions about this procedure, send an e-mail to subsidieloket [at] (subsidieloket[at]maastricht[dot]nl) or call 14 043 (+31 (0)43 350 4040 from outside the Netherlands)

    If you’re submitting a project proposal on behalf of an organisation, log in with eHerkenning, reliability level 3. If you haven’t yet applied for reliability level 3, do so in good time via The application can take up to 2 weeks.

    • The project reflects 1 of the 4 themes;
    • The project benefits the residents of Maastricht;
    • The project will be implemented within the boundaries of the Municipality of Maastricht and is in line with what the municipality is allowed, willing and obliged to do;
    • The project takes place in a public space or on private property of a public nature, with written consent from the owner (unless the initiator is the owner). In the absence of this permission, the project proposal cannot be considered;
    • The project is freely accessible to everyone. In the case of projects for a small or closed group, this exception must be explained convincingly to the satisfaction of the Municipal Executive;
    • The project concerns a new activity or additional offering that provides added value for residents. It must be different to previous Burgerbegroting projects.
    • The required project budget must not exceed 50% of the relevant theme budget or €100,000, whichever is the lower;
    • It must be possible to implement the project within 12 months after receiving funding from Burgerbegroting Maastricht.
    • The project must contain at least the following: a description of how the initiative contributes to one of the themes of the 2024 edition, an action plan, a schedule and a budget.
  • Each person or organisation may submit a maximum of 3 projects per edition.

  • You make your own choices and decisions for Burgerbegroting Maastricht, but the municipality does review submitted project proposals. It looks at aspects such as the legality of the plan, whether it can be completed within a year, and if it doesn’t conflict with developments that have already been initiated. Initiators receive definitive recommendations on whether it is feasible to implement the project properly. Projects that receive a positive recommendation progress to round 3 (where we choose projects). Together with other residents of the city, you will discuss those ideas you think positive and which projects should be implemented.

  • Burgerbegroting Maastricht does not support projects that are predominantly commercial, political or religious, or that appear to be intended to make profits. Projects that receive a grant or funding from the Municipality of Maastricht in some other way, or are based on fundraising or sales, will also be disregarded. You can more about this in Article 5 of the general regulations.

  • During round 3, Maastricht residents will choose which projects will go ahead during an online voting round and a physical closing event. Projects must be completed within 12 months after receiving funding from the Burgerbegroting Maastricht.

  • Popular support, meaning that lots of people agree with the idea, is important for a new project. The initiator must provide a ‘popular support assessment' if the project is in the public space and has an obvious impact on local residents or users. A popular support assessment provides insight into the extent of the support for your project in the neighbourhood. Local residents’ opinions are especially important.