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Submitting a project

Between 18th June and 18th July, you had the opportunity to submit your project proposal online via this page.

Between 18 June and 18 July 2023, you could submit your project proposal online via this page. 

The submission period is over. 199 people submitted a project proposal! Next time, all project proposals will be reviewed piece by piece. If information is missing or we still have questions, we will contact the initiator. In consultation, we may decide to adjust the project, adjust the budget, encourage cooperation between projects or reject the project.  These considerations are based on the General Regulations Burgerbegroting Maastricht 2023-2024.

Did you not receive an e-mail confirmation after submitting your project proposal? Not even in your spam? Then contact us as soon as possible via e-mail address burgerbegroting [at] maastricht.nl (burgerbegroting[at]maastricht[dot]nl) or call +31 (0) 43 350 47 47.
You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm

Once the projects are complete, we will publish them on the website. This does not yet mean that all project proposals will advance to round 4 (choosing projects). The Municipal Executive will make a final decision in November on which projects fit the project criteria. These criteria can be found in article 6 of the General Regulations. No later than Tuesday 28 November 2023, you will hear whether your project proposal will go through to round 4. During a festive closing event in December, residents will vote on all projects that participate in round 4. After that, it will be clear which projects will be carried out in 2024.

Themes and Budgets for 2023-2024

In April, we chose ten themes that will take centre stage this year. You can submit your project under a theme. A portion of the total budget (€750,000) has been earmarked for each theme.

Here are the ten chosen themes and the budgets:

  1. Activities to build social connections in the neighbourhood: € 138.750
  2. Greening parks and streets: € 136.071
  3. Caring for each other: € 35.357
  4. Future-proofing community associations: € 76.071
  5. Attractive streets and squares: € 92.143
  6. Street art and cultural displays in public spaces: € 87.857 
  7. Local sports pitches and play areas: € 92.143 
  8. Supporting community culture spaces, incubators, studios: € 25.714
  9. Inclusion for all: € 34.821
  10. Urban farming and community gardening: € 31.071

​​​​​​​Wondering how many projects were submitted per theme? You can read it in this news item.