Terra Sigillata

Nature play and discovery area Terra Sigillata

This project aims to develop a nature play and discovery area for young and old that connects the Pottenberg community garden and Van de Vennepark (play area with stone and willow tunnel).

Project details

  • Submitted by: C. Rondags
  • Theme: new hangouts and/or activities in buildings or in public space
  • District: Maastricht-West

Where in Maastricht will the idea take place?

Map data as text

  • Pottenberg

Project budget

€ 11,250

Purpose of this project

Developing a nature play area where children and parents can meet, and where children can playfully get to know each other and venture into an adventurous, green environment.

The area should also become a visible connector between the community garden near De Romein and the attractive green zone in Van de Vennepark.