Oldies Music Bingo

Once every three months, the 't Heegeneerke foundation would like to organise a get-together for people over 50 with a revamped version of bingo. Music will be played instead of traditional bingo calling. People can tick which song they have heard. The activity will bring conviviality, togetherness and fun.

Project details

  • Submitted by: R. Claessen
  • Activities to build social connections (fighting loneliness)
  • District: Maastricht-South

Where in Maastricht will the idea take place?

Map data as text

  • Coffee house 't Heegeneerke
    Roserije 410

Project budget

€ 1,100

Purpose of this project

More activities for older people at the community centre, so they can meet up more often and are less likely to be left on their own.