On this page you can view all the projects of Citizens’ Budget Maastricht.

Project criteria

After the deadline, our project organisation assesses the projects for feasibility. A project may be adjusted (content, budget, theme, cooperation) in consultation with those who submitted it or it may be withdrawn. This is done on the basis of the experience and objectives of the citizens’ budget. These are the basic criteria:

  1. It must be possible to carry out the project within the timespan of 1 year.
  2. The project must be covered by the powers of the Municipality of Maastricht.
  3. The project must fall within 1 of the 5 themes as chosen by the participants during round 1 of the citizens’ budget.
  4. It must be possible to carry out the project within the available budget as allocated in round 2 of the citizens’ budget.
  5. The project must take place within the Municipality of Maastricht.
  6. The project must benefit the residents of Maastricht.
  7. The project must fit within municipal policy. If it is not wholly consistent with policy, the municipal executive will decide whether the project can go through to round 4 of the citizens’ budget.
  8. The Municipality of Maastricht will not use the citizens’ budget to support religious events, commercial activities, activities with a political purpose or fundraising.
  9. Projects can be implemented by the Municipality of Maastricht or by a natural person, an association or a foundation. 
  10. If a project is not carried out by the Municipality of Maastricht, a partnership will be entered into or an agreement drawn up between the submitter of the project and the Municipality of Maastricht.
  11. The funds allocated may only be used to implement the project.
  12. All project costs must be supported by documentary evidence.
  13. Maintenance costs of investments must also be budgeted for in consultation with the Municipality of Maastricht.
  14. Payment is made in instalments on the basis of milestones/results that are determined in the partnership.
  15. In a partnership, the Municipality of Maastricht may impose additional conditions on the submitter/executor of the project.

The final list of projects will be known at the beginning of September. Every project will by then be clearly set out, with an achievable goal and a transparent budget. Only then can it be included in the vote during the festive closing event.

General Rules for the 2021 Maastricht Citizen’s Budget