15 January 2021 - Press release

Citizens' Budget Maastricht postponed to September 2021

Earlier we published an announcement about postponing Citizen's Budget Maastricht to March 2021. Unfortunately, the coronavirus is still among is. In addition, a hard lockdown was declared by the cabinet on Monday, December 14, and the period after that is uncertain. This means that with the first edition of the Maastricht Citizen's Budget we are once again faced with a dilemma: to start in March and make the best of it within the measures in place at that time, probably in small meetings or perhaps even only digitally? Or postpone it again?

Weighted decision

In recent months we have been working on a plan to be able to start with the events in March 2021 in a different way. The proposal was small-scale physical events combined with some small-scale digital events.

The credo of Citizens' Budget Maastricht is: meet, get to know each other and make decisions together. Precisely these core values cannot be adequately expressed in March. In the intervening period we have been in contact with, among others, our colleagues of the Citizens' Budget Antwerp, who confirm this and indicate that physical meetings are essential for a good course of a Citizens' Budget process. These conversations, among others, have led to the considered decision that we postpone Citizens' Budget Maastricht one more time.

Positive vote on start of Citizens' Budget

The start of the vaccination program in the new year gives confidence that we can and may organize more physical moments with each other in the implementation of the Citizens' Budget. And thus also stay close to the core values.

As usual, we will keep you updated via our social media, website and newsletter. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, we can be reached at: burgerbegroting [at] maastricht.nl.

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