31 October 2022 - Announcement

First edition of Burgerbegroting Maastricht divides 300,000 euros among 38 projects

38 projects will be implemented in the coming year with the help of Burgerbegroting Maastricht (Maastricht Citizen's Budget). 175 residents came to this decision on 23 October at Muziekgieterij. 27 projects were eliminated.  The selected projects focus on greening up the city, building social connections and encouraging participation in the neighbourhoods of Maastricht. Project proposers must implement their proposal within a year.

Proud of the results

"Maastricht residents should be proud of the results," said Manon Fokke, member of the municipal executive for citizen participation. "When we started a year ago, we did not yet know what the money would be spent on. Residents have always come to decisions together by listening carefully and engaging with each other. I am incredibly happy with everyone's enthusiasm and involvement in this first edition."

Blueprint for Limburg municipalities

Deputy Madeleine van Toorenburg of Provincie Limburg (the province of Limburg), which is funding half of the first edition of Burgerbegroting Maastricht, is also pleased: "We have contributed to in this experiment to investigate whether this form of direct citizen participation could provide a blueprint for other Limburg municipalities. That potential is very much there. A citizens' budget not only delivers concrete improvements in neighbourhoods, but also strengthens social cohesion and encourages ownership and self-management among residents."

Burgerbegroting Maastricht: to be continued

Burgerbegroting Maastricht will be continued and further developed in the coming years. The second edition will start in April next year.

Manon Fokke: “Burgerbegroting allows you to make a real difference in your neighbourhood or district. The projects at various locations in the city will make this visible in the time to come. We will evaluate the first edition, talk about what went well and what can be improved. We will start a new edition based on that. I hope that even more residents will want to participate. In any case, I am very much looking forward to it."

Execution phase

The table below lists the projects by theme that are entering the implementation phase.

Projects chosen for theme: new hangouts and/or activities

Project name Project budget Number of votes
The Buitenspel Theatre  € 4.000 16
Nature play and discovery area Terra Sigillata  € 11.250 16
Board games at the playground for young and old!  € 10.500 13
A wonderful playground for Orleansplein!  € 15.000 11
Working together in the greenery of Banka  € 2.000 9
Sweat, meet and greet   € 19.500 9
Green boules court  € 7.000 8
Orleansplein 'goes nuts'  € 12.039 6
Barbecue for Hoolhoes  € 2.150 2

Projects chosen for theme: building engaged communities, encouraging participation

Project name Project budget Number of votes
Playing and community fun in Heugemerveld  € 3.250 18
Stairlift for people with MS or Parkinson's  € 9.250 17
Big Volunteer Days   € 26.000 16
Chase the thrill!  € 550 15
Water Pas   € 2.000 15

Projects chosen for theme: activities to build social connections (fighting loneliness)

Projects chosen for theme: creating greener parks and streets

Project name Project budget Number of votes
A water pump for De Groene Poort Oost  €          6.400 20
Kitchen garden Pottenberg  €          2.500 18
Continuation of Mariaberg chicken run  €          2.500 17
Standpipe for the community garden  €          3.090 16
Simply happy in Demertstraat  €          9.815 12
Stone bridge or greened-up flower bridge?  €        13.200 10
On-site education: a more biodiverse and green Campagne  €          2.500 9
Walk!  €          8.600 8
Greenery for Martin Lamkincour square  €          1.000 7
Mariaberg community garden with flowers  €        38.340 5
Green dog-walking zone  €          7.600 1

Projects chosen for theme: vacancy and empty sites

Project name Project budget
Sanctuary € 15.000