1 December 2023 - News

Announcement of final project recommendations

On Tuesday, 28 November, the municipal executive made a final decision on which projects meet the project criteria. Out of these, 119 projects were deemed feasible and 60 not feasible.

On to the final round

Residents will vote on Saturday, 16 and Sunday, 17 December to decide which projects will be implemented in 2024. Voting will take place on 83 projects across 5 themes. 36 projects have already been approved for implementation, as they fit within the allocated budget for their respective themes. Below is a breakdown of these themes with their corresponding budgets.

Residents will vote on Saturday, 16 December on projects from the following themes:

  • Street art and cultural displays in public spaces - €94,171.39
  • Activities to build social connections in the neighbourhood - €145,064.39
  • Urban farming and community gardening - €37,385.39

On Sunday, 17 December, residents will vote on projects from these themes:

  • Greening parks and streets - €142,385.39
  • Attractive streets and squares - €98,457.39

Projects within these themes will proceed directly to implementation:

  • Caring for each other - €22,795.30
  • Future-proofing community associations - €64,959.99
  • Local sports pitches and play areas - €89,573.00
  • Supporting community culture spaces, incubators, studios - €17,421.80
  • Inclusion for all - €37,783.91

Details of all feasible projects for this edition can be viewed on the project page, where you can filter by year, area, and theme. Completed projects from 2023 will also remain visible.

Registration opens from 6 December – 10:00 am

Everyone is invited to register for the final round. Project initiators who have one or more projects advancing to the final round will get priority registration through an email notification. All remaining places will be open to the public. To ensure a fair chance for everyone, a random draw will determine who can attend. Registration is open from Wednesday, 6 December at 10:00 am until Sunday, 10 December on the registration page.