6 October 2021 - News

Citizens' Budget monthly update September

We started September with the digital welcome event. Meanwhile, we have had the first event of round 1 at Athos Eet-Maakt-Doet. With 3 more events on the calendar, we are curious which themes you will choose!

What would you do with 300,000 euros?

That was the question RTV Maastricht asked residents of our city. More playgrounds, a youth meeting place or connecting activities for the elderly? What would you do with 300,000 euros for your city or neighbourhood?

Visiting “Bij De Liewe”

On 16 September, councillor Vivianne Heijnen and project manager Renan Schulze were guests on the radio programme "Bij De Liewe", where they explained more about the citizens' budget and participation. Curious to see the entire programme? You can listen to the broadcast here.

Op bezoek bij radioprogramma Bij de Liewe van RTV Parkstad

What possibilities does the citizens' budget offer?

The Maastricht citizen budget is inspired by the model of Antwerp. In 2019, the city council visited the district of Antwerp to see how such a citizen's budget works and what it brings to residents. Antwerp shows us in this video what concrete ideas and projects can come out of a citizen budget.

Impression of the first event

RTV Maastricht was present at Athos Eet-Maakt-Doet for an aftermovie. Are you curious about the results of the evening or the experiences of other residents?

Do you also want to participate and have a say in the issues you find important? Then join one of the events of round 1 that will be organised in October!