16 March 2023 - News

Maastricht Stadplan for children officially launched

A few weeks ago, the production of the Maastricht Stadplan (City Map) was still in full swing. On Wednesday, March 15th, 2023, the map was officially launched in the municipal council chamber of the city hall. The makers presented the map to the child mayor, children's council, and Manon Fokke, member of the municipal executive. They were pleased to receive the Stadplan and took their time examining all the activities.

Realising the idea

Melih Özkardes came up with the idea to create a Stadplan. He was looking for an overview of enjoyable places in the city for his three young children. Many cities in Germany already have a similar map for children, and Melih, who was born in Germany, gathered some parents to bring this concept to life in Maastricht. Fortunately, funding from the first Burgerbegroting made it possible.

Bursting with colours

The Stadplan is a coulorful map with drawings made by children, showing 60 places for children to enjoy, including playgrounds, indoor activities, outdoor highlights, museums, theaters, cinemas, and child-friendly cafes. It even includes activities outside Maastricht.

The map is available in Dutch, Engilsh, German, French and Maastrichts, allowing all children from Maastricht and the surrounding area – including tourists – to use the Stadplan.

How to get the Stadplan

The map is available for free at VVV (Maastricht Visitor Centre) and can also be viewed and downloaded digitally at Maastricht voor kinderen | Bezoek Maastricht.

Second edition of Burgerbegroting

The Maastricht Stadplan is one of the projects that the first Burgerbegroting has realised. The second edition of Burgerbegroting will begin in April 2023. If you have a great idea for the city or your district, sign up for one of the events starting from 27th March. See also: Second edition of Burgerbegroting nearly underway | Burgerbegroting Maastricht.

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