3 May 2023 - News

10 themes for Burgerbegroting Maastricht selected

The 10 central themes for Burgerbegroting Maastricht (Maastricht Citizens' Budget) 2023-2024 have been selected! During Round 1, enthusiastic participants collectively chose their favourite themes. All the results of 4 fantastic events were combined to form the final outcome. 5 themes ended up with the same number of votes after the 4 events, and out of these, 3 themes could be included in the final results. The 3 themes were determined through a draw.

Burgerbegroting Maastricht 2023-2024 themes

The chosen themes that make up the final results are:

  1. Activities to build social connections in the neighbourhood
  2. Greening parks and streets
  3. Caring for each other
  4. Future-proofing community associations
  5. Attractive streets and squares
  6. Street art and cultural displays in public spaces
  7. Local sports pitches and play areas
  8. Supporting community culture spaces, incubators, studios
  9. Inclusion for all
  10. Urban farming and community gardening

Round 2: Fund allocation

During this round, the available budget of 750,000 euros will be divided among the 10 chosen themes. You are warmly invited to one of the events on:

Share what matters to you for our city or your own neighbourhood.

Project submissions and voting round

During Round 3 (18th June to November) you can submit ideas and well-developed projects that align with the assigned theme and budget. Round 4 takes place December 2023 and is all about voting, making collective decisions and selecting the project proposals that will be realised.

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