6 April 2023 - News

Burgerbegroting 2020-2023 project brings older people together

"We matter too: transportation for older people" is the title of a project launched by the first-ever Maastricht Burgerbegroting (Citizens’ Budget.) The project's goal is to tackle social isolation by showing older people that they are valued members of the community, regardless of their age or disabilities.

Trip to Valdieu

Over the past few months, the project has taken shape and on Thursday, 30th March, the seniors set out on their first adventure. A coach filled with older people from Maastricht journeyed through Limburg and Val Dieu. The day kicked off with a warm cup of coffee, tea, and a slice of vlaai (sweet pie from Limburg) before hitting the road late morning. After stopping at various locations, the day ended with a delicious meal in Heugemerveld.

The seniors were all thrilled and considered the day a tremendous success. Plans are already in motion to organise a bus tour to the Oberhausen Christmas market in December. These activities provide excellent opportunities to bring older people together and foster stronger connections within the community!