25 March 2020 - Press release

Citizens' Budget Maastricht postponed

Citizens' Budget Maastricht will be postponed. This is due to new government measures to combat the corona crisis.


We truly want that everyone can join the Citizens' Budget events. Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. We will plan the Citzens' Budget events at a later time.


We are awaiting further reports from the National Government for planning the first events. The aim remains to ensure that the events, aimed at choosing the themes and distributing the money, take place as much as possible in one and the same (short) period.

Stay informed

We will continue to closely monitor the measures taken by the National Government and the advice from RIVM. Of course we will keep you informed via our website and Facebook. Do you have questions about Citizens' Budget Maastricht? Contact us via our contact page, e-mail us at: burgerbegroting [at] maastricht.nl or call us on: 043 350 4747.

Frequently asked questions

  • Due to the coronavirus and measures, it is not allowed to organize events until June 1. Therefore, the start of Citizens' Budget Maastricht is postponed until after the summer. We would like everyone can participate in the events. Unfortunately that is not possible now. So we will plan the events of Citizens' Budget Maastricht at a later time. Due to the corona crisis, we are currently unable to give an indication when we will start.

  • Keep up-to-date about developments and news of Citizens' Budget Maastricht via our website, Facebook, Instagram and newsletter.