10 September 2020 - Press release

Citizens' Budget Maastricht postponed to March 2021

Citizens' Budget Maastricht does not exist without the participation of residents. That is why the Citizens' Budget Team has investigated during the summer break how and when we will proceed. Organisations such as Trajekt, Citizens' Budget Antwerp and the city council are approached, to share their views. In addition, the residents of Maastricht were questioned by means of a survey.

Poll survey continuing Citizens' Budget Maastricht

At the beginning of June, we announced that we were thinking about continuing the citizens' budget (in times of coronaviruses). We shared the end of August a survey with the residents of Maastricht and asked them how they think about continuing. As promised, we will share the results of the survey in this article.

Results of the survey

The survey (more than 400 respondents) shows that 46% of the participants would like to start with the events of the citizens' budget this autumn. However, an equally large group says that they would rather start next year or even later if there are no more corona measures. In addition, 72% prefers to participate in the citizens' budget events in the form of small meetings in the neighborhood and 32% prefers online.

wanneer starten met de burgerbegroting
Wanneer moeten we starten met de burgerbegroting?
in contact komen met andere inwoners om plannen te bespreken
Hoe kom jij het liefst in contact met inwoners om plannen te bespreken?

Postponement of Citizens Budget Maastricht to 2021

Citizens' Budget Maastricht is first and foremost an innovative instrument with the aim of involving residents in - and giving them more control over their city and neighborhoods. Inclusion, safety and fun are keywords here. At the moment we cannot guarantee that everyone can fully safely and with pleasure can join the citizens' budget events. That is why we have decided to postpone the Citizens' Budget events to March 2021.

Telling active our story

The survey shows that there is a need for an explanation of what the citizens' budget entails and what is expected of residents. Team Citizens' Budget Maastricht is going to use the period until March 2021 to tell their story and visit the city. This can be done digitally or possibly in small groups, taking into account the applicable guidelines of the National Institute for Health and Environment. Questions, ideas or comments? Let's connect via: burgerbegroting [at] maastricht.nl.

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