25 March 2022 - Press release

Citizens' Budget Maastricht starts April

The first edition of Citizens' Budget Maastricht is about to start again.Due to corona, the events had to be postponed for a long time. In April, round 2 can finally start.

During two events in the Trefcentrum Wittevrouwenveld (Saturday 16 April) and De Brandweerkantine (Thursday 21 April) you can participate in the distribution of 300,000 euros across five themes:

  1. New meeting places and/or activities in buildings or public space
  2. Connecting activities (fighting loneliness)
  3.  Everyone participates/boosting participation
  4. Vacancy and empty sites
  5. Greening of parks and streets 

These themes were chosen by residents during four events last year.

Participate in the decision-making

Everyone can participate in the events of the citizens' budget. Participating is deciding. You can sign up via our sign up page or by sending an email burgerbegroting [at] maastricht.nl.

Events & data

Submitting projects

After round 2 the project round (round 3) will start. From Thursday 21 April onwards, concrete projects can be submitted. These ideas and projects must fit the themes and must be able to be realised within the budget allocated (by you). In the autumn, the projects to which money will be allocated will be decided during the citizens' budget festival.