Simply happy in Demertstraat

A group of local residents consisting of 10 initiators and more than 20 participants want to improve the living environment in the characteristic Demertstraat. They want to add extra greenery and rest areas in different places and maintain them together.

Project details

  • Submitted by: L. Crijns
  • Thema: greener parks and streets
  • District: Maastricht-Southeast

Where in Maastricht will the idea take place?

Map data as text

  • Demertstraat

Project budget

€ 9,815

Purpose of this project

  1. Giving the climate a helping hand and reducing heat stress, flooding and particulate matter by creating more green spaces.
  2. Promoting social connections between neighbours by creating rest areas and organising maintenance days.
  3. Making Demertstraat more attractive as a walking and cycling route.