Educatie op locatie

On-site education: a more biodiverse and green Campagne

Winterslag is centrally located in the Campagne neighbourhood. It is an authentic, sunken road surrounded by greenery. This project would like to install a large bee hotel at Winterslag, so that outdoor learning activities can be held for young and old.

Project details

  • Submitted by: P. van Minderhout
  • Theme: greener parks and streets
  • District: Maastricht-Southwest

Where in Maastricht will the idea take place?

Map data as text

  • Campagne, Winterslag & Emilionlaan.

Project budget

€ 2,500

Purpose of this project

  • Raising awareness in the neighbourhood.
  • Promoting connections between residents.
  • Learning more about biodiversity and promoting it.
  • Facilitating encounters between local residents.