This page explains the timeline of Burgerbegroting Maastricht (Maastricht Citizens' Budget). Find out when each round begins and what happens in that round.

The budgetary process of Burgerbegroting consists of 4 rounds, each involving important decisions made by you and other residents about how the (increased) budget of 750,000 euros will be spent.

  1. Round 1: choosing themes - April 2023 
  2. Round 2: distributing funds - June 2023 
  3. Round 3: project proposals – 18th June to November
    1. Submitting project proposals via the website - 18th June to 18th July 1
    2. Working on projects with initiators and officials - 19th June to 9th October
    3. Assessing the feasibility and viability of project proposals - 10th October to 3rd November
    4. Finalising the list of projects (done by municipal executive) - 4th November to 28th November
  4. Round 4: selecting projects at a celebratory closing event - December 2023.