What is a citizens’ budget?

A citizens' budget is something new for Maastricht. What a citizens' budget exactly is and means for the city will you read on this page.

What is Citizens' Budget Maastricht?

A citizens' budget means that you together with other citizens decide on the use of government money. The Municipality of Maastricht and Province of Limburg have made available 300,000 euros. 

A citizens' budget means that residents decide about the priorities that apply to the city. Residents can submit and implement projects themselves, or ask whether the municipality realizes the plan.

The definition of a citizens' budget 

"A citizens' budget is an organized process involving residents of a certain area or users of a domain (for example: sports or culture) who decides which topics and issues they consider as important, which solutions and innovations they find valuable, and which final choices they make."

The control of the citizens' budget is in your hands: citizens of Maastricht.

You make choices that were first made in the city hall, together with a group of other residents. Everyone can participate and is welcome! Whether you come once or more often: your opinion counts.

How does the citizens' budget work?

In this 80-second video we explain quick and simple what a citizens' budget is and how it works.

Citizens' Budget

  • 300,000 euros for the cit Maastricht
  • In collaboration with the Province of Limburg
  • Choosing 5 main themes.
  • Different possibilities to join.
  • Really something for the people of Maastricht: you decide. 

Dare and join us

The citizens' budget process consists of different round. Every round there is happening something else.

  1. Round 1: choosing themes based on the long list.
  2. Round 2: distribute money over the chosen themes.
  3. Round 3: submit projects.
  4. Round 4: choosing projects during the Citizens' Budget Festival.

Whether you have early ideas or already have concrete projects, you are always welcome.

Participate in the descicion-making: round 1

We will soon start with round 1 of the Maastricht Citizens' Budget. Sign up for one of the events. Come and choose themes together with other residents in the first round.

Meet and decide

We think it is important that people meet and talk to each other. On the basis of fun game forms (information cards, poker tokens, etc.) you work together on new ideas, exchange opinions and come to an agreement together. How can we make Maastricht a little more beautiful? You decide that together!

Unique that you decide

The Citizens' Budget is fully yours, you as a resident may determine. You get the freedom, resources and support to come up with unique ideas for the city or for your own neighborhood.