Burgerbegroting Maastricht explained

This page explains what Burgerbegroting Maastricht is about and what it means for the city.

What is Burgerbegroting Maastricht?

"Burgerbegroting" literally translates to "citizens' budget". A citizens’ budget allows you and other residents to decide how government funds will be spent. Gemeente Maastricht (the municipality of Maastricht) is providing €750,000 for the 2023-2024 edition. For the 2020-2022 edition, Gemeente Maastricht and Provincie Limburg (the province of Limburg) jointly provided €300,000.

Residents get to voice their own priorities and decide which plans should be implemented. They can submit and implement their own project proposals, or ask the municipality to carry out their plan.

The definition of a citizens' budget

A citizens’ budget is a form of participatory budgeting in which residents of a specific area (such as a municipality) together determine the spending priorities for a defined public budget. Residents get to discuss spending priorities, make spending proposals and vote on them.

The power lies with you and the other participants: the residents of Maastricht.

Decisions that were previously made in the city hall are made by you and other residents during the Burgerbegroting events. Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of how often you would like to take part. Your voice matters!

Burgerbegroting Maastricht in a nutshell

  • €750,000 for the city of Maastricht.
  • Choosing 10 themes together.
  • Different ways to participate.
  • For and by the residents of Maastricht: residents decide together.

Take the leap, join in and get involved

Burgerbegroting Maastricht consists of different rounds. Each round includes different activities.

  1. Round 1: choosing themes based on the theme list.
  2. Round 2: distributing funds across the chosen themes.
  3. Round 3: submitting project proposals.
  4. Round 4: selecting projects during a festive closing event.

Whether you have early ideas or well-developed project proposals, you are always welcome to join.

Come together, decide together

We believe it is important for people to meet and talk to each other. Enjoyable activities (information cards, poker chips etc.) will help you work together, share thoughts and views, and come to an agreement. Together you will decide how Maastricht can be improved.


Burgerbegroting  is meant for you – you get to make decisions as a resident. You will be provided the space, resources and support to come up with unique ideas for the city or your own district.