Spelen op het Orleansplein

A wonderful playground for Orleansplein!

Many families with young children live in the Orleansplein area. The square lacks safe and challenging playground equipment for children. A group of local residents wants to change this and ensure that children can play and residents can connect at Orleansplein.

Project details

  • Submitted by: F. Muijsken
  • Theme: New hangouts and/or activities in buildings or in public space
  • District: Maastricht-West

Where in Maastricht will the idea take place?

Map data as text

  • Orleansplein

Project budget

€ 15,000

Purpose of this project

The project proponents want children, their parents and other local residents to feel more connected to the centrally located Orleansplein, allowing the square to become a go-to play area. The neighbourhood wants to maintain the square with parents, children and other local residents. Through play, conversations and shared responsibility for maintenance, the neighbourhood will become more cohesive.