17 November 2021 - Announcement

Citizens' Budget Maastricht postponed to first quarter of 2022

Because of the increasing number of coronary infections and hospital admissions, stricter measures have been in place since last Saturday. There have also been calls to reduce the number of contact moments to prevent the pressure in hospitals from increasing further.

What does this mean for Citizens' Budget Maastricht?

Because of recent developments, we have decided to postpone the Citizens' Budget to the first quarter of 2022. We will then continue with round 2 (divide the money between the themes), round 3 (submit projects) and round 4 (choose projects).

We are very disappointed that we are forced to put the released energy and commitment on hold. We count on your understanding and hope to see you at one of the events at a later date.

Keep up to date

Of course we will keep you informed through our website and Facebook. Do you have questions about the Citizens' Budget? Contact us via our contact page, mail us at: burgerbegroting [at] maastricht.nl or call us at: 043 350 4747.