Themes and budgets

You can submit projects in 2024 that are related to one of the 4 themes we’ve defined for this year. Part of the total budget of €798,452 has been allocated to each theme. An overview: 

Arts, culture and community associations in the neighbourhood185.000

Art and culture are broad terms that cover everything from dance, painting, film, music, theatre, and literature to photography, sculpture, architecture and history. Lots of residents are already working in these areas, both alone and as part of a community association. That’s something we’d like to stimulate! Art and culture are food for the mind, encourage us to look at things from a different perspective and make us feel good.

Have you got an idea that could boost the vibrant culture in Maastricht? Let us know!

Mensen in beweging aan tafels
mensen aan een tafel

Stronger together € 230.000

Treating others well is an important part of our lives. It’s a real win-win if we can do a good deed for someone else; by taking care of each other and helping each other when it’s needed through working together and listening to each other, and by accepting and appreciating that we’re all different. That could mean organising activities to bring people in a neighbourhood together so that they’re no longer alone, or giving cycling lessons to children and refugees.

What are your ideas for a society in which everyone matters and everyone is valued?

Greening the neighbourhood € 280.000

A green environment is good for people’s health, lowers the temperature and alleviates problems caused by heavy rain. Greenery in the neighbourhood can be promoted by interventions such as creating natural gardens, herb gardens or facade gardens. Another idea is to install bee hotels or plant more trees. Perhaps parking spaces could be replaced by plants or flowers?

How would you like to make Maastricht greener and promote the happiness and health of people and animals?

een grijze brug met 4 pilaren over het water
een pad door een bos met spelende kinderen

Sport and physical activity in the neighbourhood € 103.452

It’s vital that everybody is able to exercise. Sports, playing outside and physical activity are important for the health of people of all ages, and these activities also stimulate social interaction. This theme isn’t limited to playgrounds for the very young, so think about sporting activities for young people or an active games afternoon for participants of all ages.

How can you get your neighbourhood moving?

4 themes this year instead of 10  

In 2023, projects that reflected one of the 10 themes were accepted, but given the amount of overlap between these themes, it was sometimes unclear under which theme a project could best be classified. For this reason, some themes have been combined this year.

The theme 'Arts, culture and community associations in the neighbourhood' is a combination of:  
  • Arts and culture on the streets and squares;
  • Resilient community associations;
  • Supporting neighbourhood cultural locations, breeding grounds and studios.
The theme ‘Stronger together' is a combination of:
  • Activities that promote links and meetings in the neighbourhood;
  • Inclusion for all;
  • Caring for each other.
The theme ‘Greening the neighbourhood' is a combination of:
  • Urban agriculture and allotments; 
  • Attractive streets and squares;
  • More greenery in parks and streets.
The theme ‘Sport and physical activity in the neighbourhood' is the same as:
  • Sports and play areas in your neighbourhood.