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Want to know more about Burgerbegroting Maastricht (Maastricht Citizens' Budget)? All the information you need can be found on this page.

Burgerbegroting Maastricht allows you and other residents to decide how a certain amount of government funding will be spent. Gemeente Maastricht (the municipality of Maastricht) is providing €750,000 for the second edition starting in 2023. You can help determine the priorities and which plans will be realised. You can submit and carry out your own project ideas or ask the municipality to implement a plan.

4 different rounds

The 4 rounds of Burgerbegroting Maastricht each include important decision-making activities: choosing themes, allocating funds, submitting project proposals, and finally selecting projects that will be implemented.

  1. Round 1: Participants choose 10 themes from the list that they consider important. 
  2. Round 2: Participants distribute the funds across the selected themes. 
  3. Round 3: Everyone can submit project proposals, such as playground equipment in neighbourhoods, pop-up parks, or a neighborhood taxi. 
  4. Round 4: Participants choose which projects will be implemented during a celebratory event.


From this theme list, participants chose their 10 favorite themes during Round 1. These are the 10 chosen themes for Citizen's Budget 2023-2024:

  1. Activities for connecting and meeting in the neighborhood
  2. Greening up parks and streets
  3. Caring for each other
  4. Future-proof association life
  5. Attractive streets and squares
  6. Art and culture in streets and squares
  7. Sports and playgrounds in the neighborhood
  8. Support for neighborhood cultural spaces, incubators, studios
  9. Everybody participates
  10. Urban agriculture and allotment gardening