19 December 2023 - News

Final results of second Burgerbegroting announced: 78 projects to be realised in 2024

Burgerbegroting Maastricht (Maastricht Citizens' Budget) is proud to announce that a total of 78 projects will be realised in 2024. During the closing events at VISTA college, the attending residents selected 42 projects, while 36 projects had already been approved prior to the events. 41 projects did not make it to the finish line.

Approximately 160 residents of Maastricht dedicated their time over the weekend to review and discuss 83 projects. Lively discussions were had ad various tables, leading to the final votes on the projects. Frans Theunisz provided a delightful musical interlude.

"It's wonderful to see the success of this second edition of Burgerbegroting," said Manon Fokke, member of the municipal executive for citizen participation. "The residents have consistently made collective choices, from the ten themes to the associated budgets, and now the projects themselves. In 2024, we will work together with the project proposers to implement all these projects. I am eagerly looking forward to the results."

Projects to be implemented

Budget and next steps

In this second edition of Burgerbegroting Maastricht, a total amount of €701,547.93 was allocated across various projects. A total surplus of €48,452.07 will be added to the budget for the next edition. 

On December 19, 2023, project proposers will receive an email notifying them of the outcome of their project. By the end of January, the Burgerbegroting Team will reach out to all proposers whose projects will be realised in 2024. 

We will share more information about the next edition on our website as soon as it becomes available.

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